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How can I use my wallet?

  1. You need to register and go through verification in your wallet. After passing verification, your wallet’s personal account becomes available.
  2. Top up your wallet balance
  3. Transfer money by specifying the recipient's details

How to register a wallet?

Click on the “Registration” button and fill out information about yourself. We will ask you to indicate your last name, first name, patronymic, your email address, upload a photo of the main page of your passport and the page with your registration address. Next, go through photo verification using a mobile phone or computer camera.

How to top up your Moneyoktet wallet account

To replenish your wallet, you must specify the amount and use your bank card details to top up your wallet account.

You can top up your wallet account using any payment method:

Bank card

The card number (PAN) must have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 19 characters.

We accept payments from the website of the following payment systems:

Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Mir

Payment through the Fast Payment System (FPS)

The Fast Payment System (hereinafter referred to as “SBP”) is a service of the Bank of Russia payment system that allows individuals to pay for goods/services using any bank participating in the SBP.

The list of participating banks is published on the official website

The security of transfers is ensured by all banks participating in the SBP: banks, the Bank of Russia and NSPK using modern security systems. The SBP complies with all information security standards.

Payment security

Topping up your wallet balance using bank cards occurs through a secure secure connection using the TLS 1.2 protocol. The company complies with international PCI DSS requirements to ensure secure processing of the payer's bank card details. Your confidential data necessary to replenish the balance of your personal account (card details, registration data, etc.) are not sent to the Service; they are processed by the processing center and are completely protected. No one, including the Service, can obtain the payer’s banking and personal data.

When replenishing the wallet balance with a bank card, the funds are returned to the same card from which the payment was made.

How to transfer money

Click on the “Transfer” button, indicate the last name, first name, patronymic, as well as the recipient’s card number. Check the transfer details, transfer amount, commission payment type and commission amount. Next, click the “Submit” button

Commission and fees

When you send money, you agree to pay us. At the time we accept your instruction (application) to send a money transfer, commissions and tariffs (if any) are clearly displayed in the Transfer Calculator in the transfer processing window.